Five Steps to a Fruitful Lent

Part of Conception Abbey’s Online Lenten Journey, I offer five tips on how to make a fruitful lent this year. Consider signing up for the Lenten journey at:

The five steps are:

1. Understand why Lent matters. If we are willing to understand why more completely we are able to enter into the season more fully. This season helps us reconnect with what matters most in life, our relationship with God and with our neighbors.

2. Prayerful Reading of Scripture. Take time, each day, reading and praying the scriptures. Allow the text to interact with your life in its struggles, joys, sorrows, and successes. Engage God in a loving conversation.

3. Don’t just give something up! Take the effort to engage in Lenten practices that strengthen your relationship with God and neighbor: a. additional prayer practice; b. a charitable action; c. remove a distraction (i.e. giving up sweets, social media, etc.).

4. Regular quality confession. When we sin our actions damage relationships and by going to God for forgiveness we repair that damage and strengthen our resolve. Go at least twice this season and make thorough examinations to help. You can find one here:

5. Consider making something permanent! These Lenten practices are meant to change us and our relationship. Consider choosing a practice that has been fruitful and helpful and continue that practice past Easter and into the future. Let the practice more deeply change you.

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